Trouble singles


ahhh sorry this is so very late I was very busy (⌒_⌒;)

Archie and Mega sharpedo! No more rough skin means shark nose boops and lots of pokepuffs, right? Be careful of those spikes though!



johto eevees. I firmly believe that umbreon is just a big dumb eevee in it’s scene phase and espeon is the one you have to look out for.

*screams internally*


♥ on wednesdays we wear pink ♥


醤油ラーメン全部乗せ@光麺 秋葉原店 by fumitake1969 on Flickr.

What does happiness look like?
You in your red coat.
Where does it go for a drink?
To bed, on Sundays.

What does happiness sound like?
The purr of an unhooked phone.
What does it do for a living?
It has private means.

What does happiness feel like?
The barehanded planting of bulbs.
What is its home address?
Yours, sweetheart.

Does happiness have a scent?
The sea, the air, the earth.
Where did you see it last?
Under the bedclothes, laughing.

What taste does happiness have?
That of a long, slow kiss.
And how does happiness write?
Badly, like this.

—Carol Ann Duffy, from Write About Happiness (via violentwavesofemotion)